09Apr 2024
It was my inaugural time utilizing a removals service, however, the cost was satisfactory and I would unquestionably enlist their assistance in the future. The mover was polite, pleasant, and remarkably robust!
Velma C.
11Mar 2024
Can't sing their praises enough - these guys are the best in the business! Used their services twice and each time they have demonstrated exceptional consistency.
J. Hill
11Feb 2024
With precise planning and execution, these professionals ensured that our floors were protected and our furniture was moved with care.
W. Kane
01Feb 2024
When it comes to moving, Removals Putney is the only company I trust for their timely arrival and thorough equipment.
Desiree D.
22Jan 2024
Choosing Putney Movers for my move was one of the smartest decisions I made, their service was fantastic.
18Dec 2023
A wholehearted thank you goes out to each and every person who played a role in making our move a success. Your commitment and competence were exceptional, and the teams excelled on moving day.
13Nov 2023
We experienced remarkable services from Putney Movers from start to finish; all the crew members were affable, courteous and masters in their profession.
Ted L.
03Nov 2023
Fantastic customer service, knowledgeable, kind and polite at all opportunities. The movers showed up when anticipated.
George Green
18Jul 2016
I was actually upset when my office relocation came to an end because I'd become attached to the team from Putney Movers. Each member of the moving team was hard working and they made the whole process look easy.
Kevin Anderson
21Apr 2016
I was very happy with the man and van hire I used to help my elderly mother move into hew new ground floor flat. The driver worked hard loading and securing the load ready for the trip. At the new flat he also took control and unpacked the van safely. I can't praise the efforts of this firm enough and would suggest if anyone needs a reputable removal company to move with, hire Removals now.
11Jan 2016
I have moved many times during my lifetime and the best company I have dealt with was Removals. The removal was made so easy with this company. The workers supplied a brilliant service for an affordable cost. What initially impressed us was the first meeting when we were given a quote. The representative took time calculating the amount we were moving as well as taking the time to see what was being moved and planning the work load that the driver and loaders would have. Great work and results; nothing was lost or damaged; it simply got all safely moved to our new house.
Janet Taylor
27Feb 2015
I recently used PutneyRemovals to move my son and his belongings to a new area for college. He had a lot of personnel belongings and we required some help with the removal. My sister suggested I use this company as she had also used their student moving service for her daughter the previous year and was impressed with the cost and service. I too was pleased; everything was packed up, loaded and shipped to its new accommodation 100 miles away. A really competent team, who were hard working and friendly! Nothing was too much great care was taken with the items and loaded with care. The price for the move was very fair and included all insurance cover for our peace of mind against delays and damage etc. A truly great service!
Heather Turner
08May 2014
Moving house is a difficult process, as we have found countless times, as we have usually tried to move ourselves with a rented van and a couple of friends. Invariably, it works out as being extremely stressful, hard work, and a great place for arguments to erupt. It is a wonder that me and my husband Roger are not divorced! It may be down to having used PutneyRemovals on our recent move, which was both affordable and safe, with zero stress, and no arguments! I don't know why we struggled without them for so long!
Lydia S.
19Feb 2014
I sit here writing this with a smile from ear to ear! PutneyRemovals were worth every single penny! What a service; great support, a decent price, and a moving experience better than any I have ever had. The kids were so impressed with the team of movers that turned up, they couldn't believe how quickly they had everything loaded up in the van and were off to their new home. To be honest my husband and I were equally blown away. The professionalism displayed by these guys just makes you calm and fills you with reassurance. Superb service.
Alfie D.
12Nov 2013
I was really pleased by how well my removal went recently, and it was pretty much all down to PutneyRemovals and their fantastic team of removals men. The move went by really quickly which was unexpected, and I was very pleased to see that nothing was broken when checking things on the other end of the move. It is always nice to see a company who value the customer so highly, and who deliver what they promise in their advertising, as so many trades seem to be filled with hot air blowing imitators at present!
Gavin Davies
30Oct 2013
Fantastic service and hard work from PutneyRemovals on our move this past month. We had no damages, and the price was great! Good value is hard to find nowadays, as everyone seems to be a daylight burglar! We felt like we were treated well, and the team were very respectful of our property and belongings. The move was efficient, and the day went by in no time, no stress! A great team who did a great job, Thank you to everyone there and especially the team who did the move.
Martin Henderson